Quick Start

Start the Application Use the shrtcut created by the installation wizard or select zzFMView option of the zzFMTools grop of the Windows Start menu.

Provide the Master password to decrypt the configuration file The application configuration file includes the list of the connection parameters for different VistA accounts: IP addresses and ports. To simplify the access to frequently used servers the A/V codes might be saved in configuration file.

Select a server for connection By default the application looks for configuration file ZZFMVIEW.CFG in the APPDATA\ROAMING\ZZFMVIEW directory.

You may specify another the location by setting value of the config parameter:


Select a server from the list or add description of a server with "Add Server" button

If the connection was successful the connection details will be presented for review:

Select an Item for review Use the application Tool bar to select items for review.

File View
Global View
Routine View
RPC View

Open Config file
Save configuration data
Setup dialog
Accounts List
Show/Hide Project List

September 2016