Q and A

Do I need Windows to run this application? Yes
The application uses the same access methods as traditions VistA GUI.
If you are working in non Windows environment - install virtual Windows machine to run this application.
Can I modify files or Globals? No
To avoid damage to the data integrity the editing is not supported for files and globals. Routines can be edited (custom RPC required)
Will it work with OSEHRA accounts? Yes
Support of OSEHRA included starting Version
Set the Type of the account to "OSEHRA" to connect
Will it work without custom RPC? Yes, but not all functions will be supported
The custom RPC is used to get information on the file structure, access to the Globals and the source code of the routines.
Without RPC the application will try to use the local cache to get the file fields definitions. If there is now information on the file the application won't be able to extract file data.

September 2016