• Download the Installation wizard
  • Unpack the archive
  • Start the wizard
  • Answer the wizard questions and select installation options
  • Files used by the application
  • FMView.exe - application executable
  • FMView.chm - help file (User Manual)
  • FMView.cfg - configuration file
  • FMView.dd - local data dictionary
  • Only executable file is required.

    Installation Wizard Start Installation wizard, answer the questions, and follow the instructions. By default the installation wizard puts application files in two directories on your system.

    Executable file, user manual, and dynamic library are placed in the Program Files while the files updated by the application - in the AddData|Roaming directory.

    You can select different place for files during the installation.

    Manual installation Copy application files to the directory of your choice and create the shortcut(s) with the appropriate parameters.

    Configuration file and local data dictionary are updated by the application so they should be placed in a folder the user have write privileges.

    The location of files can be provided as parameters:


    The next image illustrates how to define the configuration file (zz.cfg) in the shortcut

    RPC Registration

    Verify that the RPC is registered at the account(s) you plan to connect:

    Removing application from the system The installation wizard creates Uninstall FMView option in the All Programs|FMView section of the Windows Start menu. Use this option to remove application from your system.

    If you installed the application by copying files - just delete the all the related files.

    March 2017