File View

To Open the File Tab Click the button of the toolbar or select the option from the "Tools" section of the main menu

To Find a File Enter the file name or number in the File Name input field:

and press Return button


Use the "on screen keyboard":

NOTE: if the keyboard checkbox is checked the input field is erased before a new character is entered. Uncheck it if entering more than one character.

The File list wil be populated with the names of files according to the provided search target

To Select a File Click the file name
To Change View Format Select one of the View Format tabs

Description - General file description
Data - File data
Global - GLobal containing the file data
DD - File Data Dictionary entry

Uncheck the File List checkbox to hide the on screen keyboard and file name input field

Uncheck File Attributes to hide attributes section of the description
Uncheck Use DD Cache to avoid using DD Cache
Check Log FMDC Calls to log RPC calls of the FMDC package

To Control Connection

Use buttons of the Connection panel to:
- Copy A/V code to the Clipboard
- Select account for connection
- Change Application context
- Review the connection information

February 2017