FMCompare v.1.4

Privacy Policy

FMCompare application does not collect user data.

FMCompare application is designed to compare data of two VistA accounts. The application allows user to save parameters of DB connection in configuration file. This file is saved on the computer running the application and is under complete user control.

The connection parameters may contain user access and verify codes. These codes will be transmitted to the serves during the process of connecting and authentication of the user.

The application may create the log file to register the results of connection to DB and execution of remote procedures. The application user defines if the log should be created and its location.

The results of the remote procedure calls may contain personal information saved on the server. The FMCompare application uses information received from the servers only for comparison between different VistA accounts and presentation of the comparison results on the screen or in the report. It can't be held responsible for the way the results are used.

Andrey A.
USA, 2019